Our expert team ensures that your yacht is being correctly and efficiently managed


Besides yacht charter and yacht sale we are also offering yacht management service – we handle the maintenance, crew placement, accounts and supplies for your luxury yacht.

Number of privatly owned luxury yacht are docked in Croatian area while their owners live in other countries and are no able to manage and maintain the yacht properly. We will gladly take this  responsibility of general yacht running as our professional staff will care of all aspects of the proper yacht management.

We will make that your yacht runs safely and efficiently, taking care of all important aspects from budgeting, crew and compliance so you can relax completely knowing that your yacht is in the best hands.


Bloemyachts manages all elements of operational support for your yacht – from safety and security to finance and accounting ensuring that your property is perfectly managed. When needed we provide fast technical support. We take care that captain and other crew members work smoothly together. All administrational aspects of yacht’s operation will also be taken care of.


At Bloemyachts we are ready and well prepared for all unexpected situations. In emergency situations our team is fastly mobilized providing the fastes emergency response in any situation.


We provide complete administration support, dealing with taxes, registration and insurance. Whatever your yacht might need we will make it happen. Shipping of spare parts, chandlery and fuel bunkering are all part of yacht management service.


We are aware of the fact that trusted crew is one of the most important aspects of yacht charter experience. Whether you need a competent captain, creative chef or any other valuable crew member we will find and recruit reliable yachting professionals for your luxury yacht.