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Luxury Gulets for Rent

Choose between more than 20 fully crewed gulets available for rent in Croatia, with 3 to 12 crew members and with accommodation for up to 16 guests.

Luxury Gulet Charter Croatia – Allure of Gulets

Thanks to distinctive design and spacious decks, gulets are symbol of maritime tradition in Mediterranean sea. These wooden vessels, crafted from highest quality mahogany and teak, offer unique sailing experience. With their wide and open decks, gulets provide ample space for relaxation and taking in the breathtaking views of  Adriatic sea.

Key advantages of opting for gulet charter in Croatia is opportunity to explore countless islands that are all over Adriatic Sea. From popular destinations like Hvar and Dubrovnik to hidden gems like Vis and Korčula, each island boasts its own charm and cultural significance. Gulet rentals allow sailors to customize itineraries, ensuring they can visit destinations that align with their interests, whether it be historical sites, vibrant nightlife or secluded beaches.

Unparalleled Comfort on the Waves

Gulets come in various sizes, accommodating different group sizes and preferences.

They are equipped with comfortable cabins each with its own ensuite bathroom, ensuring privacy and convenience during sailing week in Croatia. Modern gulets feature air conditioning, Wi-Fi and other amenities, blending traditional charm with contemporary comforts.

Highlight of sailing on gulet is opportunity to indulge in delicious Dalmatian cuisine. Many gulets include an experienced professional chef who will prepare delectable meals using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Guests can savor flavors of Croatia while dining al fresco on the gulet’s spacious deck, creating unforgettable memories against the backdrop of the setting sun.

aerial view of anchored boat in croatia

Flexible Itineraries for Every Traveler

Gulet rentals offer flexibility in planning of itineraries, allowing guests to tailor their sailing experience to own preferences.

Whether one desires a week long exploration of Dalmatian coast or shorter journey to specific islands, gulet charters can be customized to suit different timeframes and interests. This flexibility makes gulet rent an ideal option for both families seeking a relaxing getaway and adventurers looking for more active exploration of the Adriatic sea.

Gulet crusising in Croatia offer magical blend of tradition, luxury and exploration. Navigating the crystalline waters of Croatia aboard a wooden sailing yacht provides an intimate and unforgettable experience, allowing you to discover diverse beauty of Croatian coastline and islands at their own pace. Whether you are history enthusiast, nature lover or someone simply seeking relaxation, a gulet charter in Croatia promises an enchanting journey through one of Europe’s most captivating maritime landscapes.


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