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Chartering a private yacht isn't about where you go, it’s about what you see and what you experience. No holiday on earth compares to one that floats on water.

luxury yacht charters

Most exciting experience

Luxury yacht charter is one of the most exciting experiences you can have. Make your own yachting itinerary, visit most interesting destinations, enjoy the finest cuisines and receive first-class service on a beautiful luxury yacht. Luxury yacht charter is lifetime holiday filled with your choice of activities and relaxing experiences.

Crewed Yachts

Luxury charter is meant for all seeking to enjoy the most exclusive yacht holiday. A luxury yacht often comes with at least 2 crew members including captain, sailor or deckhand and cook or hostess. These crewed luxury yachts are modern, spacious&comfortable and equipped up to the highest charter trends including jet ski, water skooter, windsurf, paddle board and others.

Yachts for special occasions

Luxury crewed yachts offer highest level of privacy and luxury for your lifetime holiday and are ideal option for special occasions such as honeymoons, wedding anniversaries or even a business meeting.

Let us help

Planning to book a luxury yacht sometimes might seem complicated or exhausting. And because of this reason our professional charter experts are on your disposal to help you choose the best yacht, plan your perfect itinerary and help arrange all logistics before, during and after your trip. We aim to make this process as easy as possible and ensure you to have the best yachting experience ever. .

Contact us with confidence and will gladly the best luxury for your perfect holidays.

CROATIA luxury yacht charter

Croatia is a perfect place to experience luxury yacht charterv offering many beautiful anchorages reachable  only with yacht, and hidden coves to spend your days soaking up the sun. The beautiful crystal clear Croatian waters have attracted visitors for centuries who were always welcomed by the warm Croatian hospitality.


Rich nautical offer

Croatia probably has the richest and the biggest fleet of vessel for rental in the whole world. Charter prices range and itinerary options are immense.

Island hopping

Sail between the islands of Croatia on board your perfect luxury yacht to explore secluded beaches, experience each one’s unique local culture, and try different local specialties every day.

Mild climate

Croatian coast and islands have almost 250 days of sunshine a year and a mild Mediterranean climate with cool winters and warm to hot and dry summers. The peak of the yacht charter season is during the summer months from June through August, however, May, September, and October are a wonderful time to visit the area by sea.

Delicious local cuisine

Croatia is known for its fresh delicious dishes unlike anywhere else in Europe. Visitors can experience dishes made carefully from locally-grown ingredients, native herbs, and fresh fish caught by local fishermen.

Endless coastline and many islands to explore

Croatia is home to more of 5,000 chilometers of beutiful coastline and more than 1,300 islands. There is no better way to explore the beauties of the Croatian Islands and the coast than on your own private yacht.

A rich cultural heritage

Croatia’s has incredible history and rich cultural heritage. Begin or end your yacht charter exploring its historic cities and towns.


The Bloem Yachts team offer a wealth of knowledge and experience creating the world’s most bespoke luxury yacht charter holidays.


Bloem yachts offer the unique opportunity to browse whole Croatian charter market and to receive reliable and complete information about booking. Due to strong partner connections and enviable knowledge gained through immense yacht charter experience achieved we know all off-market yachts so you can be sure to see the widest yachts selection in Croatia.


Our yacht charter fleet offers the highest level at any point. Best in design, entertainment, equipment and crew offer nothing less but prime luxury. Yacht inspection on a daily basis allows us to ensure that high standards are maintained so that our clients can enjoy first class service.


We understand what makes a perfect yacht charter holiday and with access to the entire charter market we aim to provide the best yachting vacation for each of our client. Our destination managers have unrivaled knowledge and understanding of the charter yachts and their crew and their mission is to provide individual charter experiences for our guests.